Loverocks Music Festival


1. All conditions on this ticket are to be read together with all other statements and or directives either shown on the ticket or displayed on the premises or official website. In the event of a breach of this contract by Loverocks/Sanctuary Media Promotions Limited, ‘SMP’ shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach which was not reasonably foreseeable by SMP, the supplier at the date of this contract.

2. The Loverocks site is defined in these terms and conditions as: ‘the festival site’ and the ‘Premises’ For clarity the ‘Premises’ will be a fenced area within the festival site and access will only be given to persons with valid wristbands. The Premises, parking areas and camping areas comprise the entire ‘festival site’.

3. SMP reserves the right to refuse admission to the holder if in the reasonable opinion SMP or their representatives or agents consider; admission of the holder might be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or the holder and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the festival. All persons entering the festival site may be searched as a condition of entry. Strictly no illegal substances or “Legal Highs” will be permitted into the site. Possession of either may lead to your ejection from the festival. You will not be entitled to a refund.

4. Camping is permitted only in the official campsite area with a Camping ticket. Do not camp within the access or footways or roads or tracks lanes, your tent or unit will be removed if you do so. Campsite opens at 9 am on Friday 7th June 2019. No sleeping in vehicles is permitted other than purpose built manufactured caravans or camper vans. NO tents are allowed in car parks due to fire regulations. If you do not park or camp in the allocated pitch or park or pitch too closely to another unit you will be asked to move and if you fail to comply you may be asked to leave the festival site. You are not permitted to purchase a camping ticket or motorhome pass for the festival without an appropriate music ticket or festival pass. Any persons found onsite who have purchased a camping ticket or motorhome pass only will be required to purchase a relevant music pass or festival ticket.

5. We strongly advise that for your own safety you do not camp or park in unofficial campsites or car parks outside the festival site at St Leonards Farm Caravan & Camping Park. In addition you may not park in the private access lane or in anyway obstruct access to the festival site or any adjacent property

6. Camper vans, caravans and trailer tents only are permitted into the camper van area. Only tents are permitted in the camping area. A maximum of 6 persons is permitted per pitch and all units must have a valid weekend camping ticket. Camper van/camping tickets must be purchased in advance. No unit may exceed 12m x 3m in size hardstanding or 8m x 3m standard pitch. Please contact SMP to check unit sizes when booking as any units exceeding 12m x 3m or otherwise unsuitable or oversized will not be permitted on site.

7. Camping ticket holders must exchange their ticket for a wristband on arrival and this must be worn at all times for the duration of the event.

8. No alcohol is permitted to be taken into the Premises and the only containers permitted shall carry non-alcoholic liquid in collapsible plastic or similar material containers of not more than 500ml. Excessive amounts of alcohol will not be permitted in the camping areas.

9. Private sound systems, illegal substances, weapons, glass, fireworks or any other items which the organisers deem unsuitable or inappropriate, including excessive amounts of alcohol will not be permitted into the festival site. Amplified instruments, bongos or drums are not permitted. SMP and their agents reserve the right to search baggage on arrival and banned items and excessive alcohol may be confiscated.

10. Please respect the festival site and use the bins provided. Fires, fire pits, Chinese lanterns wood burners and BBQs are not permitted and will be extinguished without notice. You must remove and bag all waste and litter before leaving the Campsite and place all waste and litter in the appropriate containers.

11. If you have any disabled access requirements please email and access to facilities is subject to availability and not guaranteed. Anyone turning up on the day without making prior arrangements may not be able to access our facilities if they are full to capacity. There is a refundable deposit of £5 cash for use of the limited number of keys allowing access to the disabled facilities.

12. Persons lost in the festival site should meet at the main entrance to the festival at the Reception and notify staff.

13. Dogs are allowed onto the site but MUST be on a lead at all times and fouling must be picked up. Persons failing to abide by these restrictions will be asked to leave. No dogs permitted in the children’s play area at any time.

14. All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Children must be accompanied by their parents, guardians or responsible adult at ALL times while in the festival ground. You are responsible for monitoring and looking after children in your care.

15. If you look under 25 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol, please bring photo ID such as an up to date and valid passport or driving licence. Loverocks will be operating the ‘Challenge 25’ policy. Anticipated bar closing times will be 23.30 each night subject to any variation by SMP and the Local Licensing Authority.

17. Official merchandise only is permitted on sale inside the festival site by traders authorised by SMP, please do not purchase goods from unofficial vendors.

18. Strictly no trading is allowed inside the festival site without written permission

19. No audio or video recorders, professional photographic equipment or laser pens will be permitted access to the Premises.

20. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full, advertised bill performs this ticket is for an event and not a specific artiste/band. SMP reserves the right to change the bill or running times without prior notice.

21 In the event of cancellation of the festival due to no event/premises licence being obtained by SMP, their responsibility for refund is limited to the face value

of the ticket only. No refunds are provided in other circumstances for example but not limited to, for inclement weather of if the ticket holder does not turn up. These examples are not exhaustive.

22. Under no circumstances will duplicate tickets be issued for lost tickets etc, so keep your ticket safe.

23. Attendees consent to the photography, filming/sound recording as members of the audience, which may be used for promotional or commercial activities.

24. Your ticket (of which these terms and conditions form part) is printed at home via the Eventbrite website where it was purchased so please keep it dry because to damage it or get it wet may invalidate it.

25. This ticket remains the property of SMP until payment is received in full. Resale of this ticket is prohibited without the express permission of SMP. You may not re-sell or transfer this ticket if you are selling or transferring the ticket in the course of business. You are deemed to be selling or transferring in the course of business where we reasonably believe you to be doing so. It is strictly prohibited to attempt to re-sell this ticket within the festival site under any circumstances.

26. No tickets may be used for competitions or promotions without written permission from SMP.

27. Any vehicles not cleared off the festival site by 14.00 Sunday 9 June on may be towed away at owners risk.

28. Please note there are restricted capacities at any stage or attraction that is within a tent or similar structure once they reach the maximum capacities there will be no further admissions. You are not guaranteed admission to these areas.

29. It is against the law to smoke in enclosed spaces, please observe the signage around the festival site.

30. The organisers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during and after the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site.

31. Amplified sound and strobe lighting will be used at this event.

32. The promoters reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of entry into Loverocks 2019 in accordance with any new laws, legislation or internal company policies or to comply with any terms of the event licence.

33. No public or attendee cars or motor vehicles will be allowed onto the festival ground beyond the official car parking or camping area and you will abide by all directions of SMP as to parking whilst on the festival site. All car parking at the site must be paid in advance and you must have a car parking ticket on arrival or access and parking will not be permitted on the day of the event.

34. Anti social behaviour, aggressive or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the festival site without refund. Such behaviour shall also be deemed to include any attendee or member of the public being under the influence of illegal substances or found to be drunk or disorderly or otherwise committing any public order offence. You may also be asked to leave the site if you breach any of these terms and conditions.

35. No access is permitted to any part of St Leonards Farm not included within the festival site. Guests with children in particular are warned that this is a working farm and therefore no unlawful access to the farming operation is permitted for your own health & safety.

36. After performances on the main and acoustic stages have finished all guests must leave the Premises in a safe and orderly manner as directed by marshals/security and no access to the Premises is permitted afterwards once the Premises is closed.

37. Those attendees that have booked tickets for the Friday only are reminded that these wristbands will not give the ticket holder access to the Premises on the Saturday. Attendees with a Friday night only wristband and a camping pitch may be asked to leave the festival site by midday on Saturday 8th June even if other members of the same party have valid wristbands for the Saturday events.

38. Should any one or more of these terms and conditions be found to be unenforceable then the remaining terms and conditions shall be deemed to remain in full force and effect.

39. This agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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