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Bournemouth Echo
11th June 2019 – Article:
REVIEW: Loverocks festival – By Louise Makey

FESTIVALS in the rain aren’t usually the ones you look forward to, but this one is different. The main stage is undercover. No wet, muddy fields but dry grass.

The is the first time I have been to Loverocks at St Leonards but it certainly won’t be the last. It’s brilliantly well organised and a great location.

Day one started probably the best way you could start a local festival with an acoustic set by one the best local bands, Voodoo Vegas. As normal they put on a great set with Laurence in fine form. After that Circus 66 played a great set before Ravenbreed and Hells Gazelles took their respective turns to show case the best in up and coming rock bands,

We were spoilt with not just one local band but two. The very energetic and powerful Western Sand were on next kicking off with Dark Horse and they really gave the crowd a show to remember. Western Sand just keep giving solid, strong performances and have grown as a band. Tyler has an incredible voice and the crowd enjoyed every second of their set. Mississippi Queen was the best and they finished with the brilliant Nothing to Lose

The Brighton based Rocket Dolls were the next band on stage. I have heard their music before but this was the first time I have seen them live. The enjoyment of what they are doing was obvious and it was an incredible performance. Nikki is the perfect front man and interacts really well with the crowd. Musically they are a fantastic rock band and I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Those Damn Crows burst onto the stage next with one of the songs from their new album that they have just finished recording. The follow up to Murder And The Motive, which is sounding incredible from what they played last night. Straight into Don’t Give A Damn from the first album had everyone singing along. They are a band that gel perfectly together and obviously love every second of what they are doing. Frontman Shane is not only a fantastic vocalist he has the mix of charm and humour needed to work a crowd.

By the time they had got to the smash single Blink of an Eye it was obvious that this was a band who are going to be huge. They whole crowd sang along. In their own words Rock and Roll ain’t dead and they proved it!

Headliners were the outstanding AC/DC tribute band Hells Bells and there wasn’t a person on the site who wasn’t smiling.

The rain that appeared Friday had disappeared by the time the Loverocks Stage burst into action with the fabulous At The Sun who blew away any cobwebs from the night before. After a quick change around on the line up the fabulously talented and fun The Outlaw Orchestra were next up. As usual they had the crowd up and joining in.

Samarkind after their hold up were on stage next. The Irish foursome led by David Paul Byrne really gave an incredible performance. they have a modern take on classic rock that’s full of energy. The band were superb and David’s vocals were incredible. Their set had something for everyone and I will be looking forward to seeing more of them.

Belfast based Baleful Creed really nailed it. Their heavy but melodic sound was the perfect soundtrack to the sun filled afternoon. They are a mix of everything thats good about the heavy rock scene and the fact they have two vocalists who sing different tracks really add an extra edge.

Jack J Hutchinson was one of the acts I was most looking forward to seeing and wow what a set! Everyone was up and joining in and what a voice he has. He’s full of energy and everyone got up on their feet. The banter with the crowd was another high point and the whole band joined in. His new single, Justified, taken from his latest album and this track was simply outstanding.

London based City Of Thieves have just finished touring with Inglorious, you can see why they worked perfectly with Inglorious. Jamie, Will and Ben gel together perfectly and are just what they say, a hard rock band with no gimmicks. The front row knew all the words and I think they will have gained a lot of new fans from this set.

Skam fans were evident from day one, and tonight they stepped up a gear, one lady even had her face painted on site with their logo! Another full on set from them before the headliners Just Floyd.

This has to be the best organised festival I have been to for a long time. Looking forward to what Loverocks brings us next year!

Loverocks 2019 Classic Rock Festival, Bournemouth, Dorset

Loverocks 2019 Classic Rock Festival, Bournemouth, Dorset

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