Line-up 2019 / Hell’s Gazelles

Hell's Gazelles rock band

With their big riffs, soaring vocals, and frenetic live performances, Hard rockers Hell’s Gazelles have been tearing up the rock scene of late with a killer live show and an impressive catalogue. With slots at festivals such as such as Bloodstock, Giants of Rock, Amplified, HRH Roadtrip, and Breaking Bands under their belt, Hell’s Gazelles are fast becoming one of the UK’s premier up-and-coming live rock acts. The band’s recent EP ‘Take your Medicine’ received overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board. Kerrang said: ‘Killer riffing and soaring, swaggering vocals…Hell’s Gazelles mean serious business… Take your Medicine is a pill you’re going to want to swallow…’.
Hell’s Gazelles do their utmost to get an audience riled, so expect a blood pumping, headbanging Rock n’ Roll show you’ll never forget.

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