"Deltorers are a three piece Alternative Rock band from the South UK. Renowned for their powerful energy, infectious riffs, ferocious bass and hard hitting drums, they are climbing the ladder and knocking down some serious doors right now."

"Deltorers scream (literally) sleazy grungy rock - think Mudhoney meets QOTSA and you will have some idea of the big sound and dirty riffs this three piece thrash out.
One of the most exciting live bands you will ever see. Capturing something of the live raw power of early Nirvana...but cranking it up a notch or two."

The Deltorers feature Nathan on guitar and vox, Brenden on bass and Zoot on drums - the dynamic noise these three create is something every fan of early Sub Pop records will instantly recognise....raw, sexy and loud as hell."

Eventbrite - Loverocks 2018 - Bournemouth
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